Make Your Ex Want You Back Quickly

Published: 29th October 2008
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The first thing we want to discuss is you don't want to panic. That is the worst thing you can do to make your ex want you back. This will only push them further away.

Here are signs of panic that you do not want to do to make your ex want you back. If you have done this or have had this done to you, you will immediately recognize it. It's called Text Message Terrorism. Do not do this.

Here are some other things not to do. Contacting their friends or family. Arguing about the break up with him/her.

What should you do then? You need to do the opposite of what your feelings are telling you to do. So, here's the big secret. You want to be calm and cool with the break up and agree with it. The main part is not to do anything crazy.

Now why does this work when you want to make your Ex want you back? It works for a lot of very powerful psychological reasons. Your doing the opposite of what is expected from you because people want what they can't have!

Here's what you want to do. You want to write a short note and include these things. You tell them that your okay with the break up. If you did something bad, just briefly apologize and then tell them that something really exciting happened in your life and would like to tell them sometime.

Can you see the reasoning behind all this? It's almost like playing hard to get. Which in fact you are. The less emotion you show over the break up, starts to make the other wonder if you already had someone else in mind or possibly already seeing someone else. Guess what? They immediately start to question themselves on whether they did the right thing or not.

It's human nature to react like this. They will start to search you out again, asking your friends if your doing okay? When this happens, you have put the shoe on the other foot and he will begin to doubt him or herself. Which is what you want. To make your ex want you back, you need to really stay calm and approach this with an open attitude, use your head and you will succeed.

There are many techniques one can use to make your ex want you back, you no longer have to suffer and feel unwanted by someone you shared so much with. Get you ex back quickly and will help you along the way.

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