Signs Your Ex Wants You Back - What Signs To Look For When Ex Wants You Back

Published: 29th October 2008
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We don't love to break up. Breaking up is something that always haunts you; the good old days, the loving moments you shared together or the mutual holding of hands. It just feels like the end of days, the doom's day. Something creeping in your throat and you feel the same passion for your ex. But you don't find ways to get your ex back. You want to search for it? Well, let me tell you something about the signs that your ex wants you back also. I am arranging this piece of writing from the women's point of view. But one thing is for sure that this is true from both sides.

· There is a thin red line between love and hatred. But when it comes to go back to your ex, you need to be pretty sure before doing so. There may be various subtle signs, some are more obvious and others you have to feel inside your heart. The obvious signs are indirect or direct contact from your ex. He may contact you through your common friends, he can send an e-mail or some form of messages. Initially he will not contact you in person. Now, if you want to get him back also, you have to act fast and reciprocate.

· Sometimes things work much better in the opposite way. He will make you feel jealous. He may date with some poor lady, just to make you feel envious. Concentrate on the point whether he is really serious in this relation or not. If the answer is negative, this is a definite sign that your ex wants you back.

· He will do everything to make an impression upon you; which may have been faded during the bitter period of your conjugal life. He may change his job; do something extraordinary to make you feel proud of him. A desperate ex will leave no stone unturned to search whether you are on somebody else or not. He will ask all your friends, colleagues or may call you directly. All these are signs that your ex wants you back beside him.

· Are you crossing his ways few times in a day near the spots where you shared your good moments together? That means him also trying to renewing his good old memories. A man can never go to those places without reason.

· You may hear from your common friends that he curses you all the time. Never mind, he cherishes the love for you in some deeper part of his heart. Never think it so straight. You will be wrong.

These all are signs that your ex wants you back. Now tell me, do you feel the same? Have you ever thought of him in any difficult situation? Well, then you also want him back. We all are guests for couple of years on this earth. There is no point in wasting time quarreling and arguing with each other. So don't be just like an idiot box, go grab him. Time will run out. This world is not meant for those who weep inside their house. Be proactive and go back to him.

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